First Blog Post


A new chapter in our book begins. Ahead lies a journey into the unknown. My current plan is to search for and document the most unique and beautiful perspectives in this unknown territory thus purposely finding the most beautiful and unique aspects of our lives.

Life; it’s a funny thing. It’s currently not exactly how I imagined it would be. What part you ask? Well, all of it really. The good and the bad parts are fulfilling and rewarding yet more complicated then I ever imagined. Looking ahead however, I realize there is so much more life still to live. How we decide each day to view it, change it, and live in it, is up to us. Whether this life we have left ends up being a few days, or many more years to come, somewhere along this next chapter of our lives I hope we find peace, love, happiness, and most importantly, ourselves.

Cheers to our next adventure.