Iceland January

Wow! What a way to start out the new year. I took a trip to Iceland and met a friend of mine from Maryland there. Together we visited a few places and took some amazing photos. The weather here on the first day was great. No wind and about 32°F. As long as you had a nice jacket on it wasn’t bad at all. The first day was the only day we saw blue skies. Everyday after that it was extremely monochromatic and really made you miss the sun. It seams like every 5 minutes the weather changed. It would be windy, then blizzard like conditions, then perfect and still, then an icy rain that just bounced off the windshield. I didn’t even have to use my windshield wipers. Every piece just bounced off and only made a sound but no marks that obstructed my view. It looked like we were going through a time warp.

Our first day driving I learned about black sand. Mental note: Always research places before going to them so you realize things like black sand exist. Anyway, we found a great place to take a photo and decided to make a U-Turn into what looked like gravel but when I felt the car sink down up to the door I immediately knew I was in trouble. So here we are, in the middle of nowhere, no car in sight and stuck in sand. Out of nowhere, from another direction that didn’t even look like a road a car started coming towards us and the main road. They instantly realized we were stuck and got out to help. The lady looked so mad. She must have been a local and this must happen a lot with tourists. Her and her husband/boyfriend/man-friend, got out and started pushing the car. All the sudden a blizzard came out of nowhere and started pelting the mad lady in the face. Luckily it didn’t take but a minute or two to get us out and they quickly got back in their car. I screamed thank you but I don’t think they cared. They were clearly headed somewhere. I am just so thankful they decided to stop. From that point on, I stuck to the main roads and made no more unnecessary U-Turns. Here is a photo of the black sand and a photo of the car shortly after we got it out of the sand. #lessonlearned

Here are some other photos I took while I was there…

On day 3 we decided to try to get the Northern Lights. It was pretty underwhelming. Surprisingly the camera catches a lot more then the human eye. Or at least it did in this case. We set up our tripods and started shooting over the mountain. At first, nothing. Then some green hues. Finally, a long green stripe and then everyone around us started yelling, “It’s here!!! It’s here!!! The Northern Lights!!!” Above our heads was a white cloud looking thing that stretched across the sky and if you looked hard enough it wiggled a bit. It was right above our heads so we quickly had to adjust our tripods. By time we adjusted, it was disapating and clouds were also moving in blocking our view. After a while of waiting for them to come back we decided to move to another spot away from most of the people and found a BEAUTIFUL place with an excellent foreground. The only thing we got however was a slight green tint in the sky. When we got back to the hotel I decided to merge two photos together to get some of the Northern Lights with the background I liked the best. The last photo you see here was edited to get more of the photo I was looking for.



So we stood in the spot with the tress for a while and it was right next to a road. The cars coming by gave each photo a different look. Which one is your favorite? First photo (top left) a car drove by and lit up the trees. Second photo (top right) a car came from behind and lit the trees up from behind. Third photo (bottom left) no external lights. Forth photo (bottom right) the break lights from a bus made the trees red. 4 totally different looks.


I definitely never in a million years thought I would ever step foot on this island, ESPECIALLY in January, but I definitely do not regret it. I definitely will be coming back. I look forward to taking my husband Brian with me next time as I think he’d really like it as well.

I definitely got what I was looking for out of Iceland. The photography bug back and I am now excited to travel the rest of Europe and see everything else there is to see.